Hi, I'm Mike.

I am a Creative Director & Content Producer who has been creating visual experiences for 20 years.

Let's make things together.

What I do

Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Content Production
Branded Content
Product Design

Where I am

Los Angeles

Where I've been

Universal Music Group
Lonely Planet
Deckers Brands
Lobster Records
Epitaph Records

About Me


I've been making things for 20 years, from album covers to expansive global creative campaigns for massive artists and brands. I love to create solutions for problems and look for paths through issues that haven't been thought of.

These are just a few of my favorite projects, snapshots of different times and places in my career. I feel very lucky to have worked with and led such amazing creative talent, and I'm excited to see who I will meet next. Hopefully, it's you!


Email: mike.johansen@icloud.com
Linkedin: mikejoh

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